What's New in Qt 5.13

New Features in Qt 5.13

Qt 3D Module

  • Added support for importing and exporting OpenGL texture handles.
  • Added framegraph nodes for fence objects.
  • Added priority based picking.
  • Added initial glTF 2.0 scene import support.

Qt Bluetooth Module

  • Windows: Removed the need for pairing in order to discover and connect.

Qt Core Module

  • Clang: Added a new configure switch -coverage, useful for fuzzing.

Qt GUI Module

  • Added QImage::convertTo(), a new function for converting an image in-place.
  • QPainterPath: Added support for clear, reserve and capacity methods with the same semantics as QVector::clear() (preserving allocations).

Qt Location Module

Qt Network Module

  • Windows: Added secure channel support for SSL sockets.
  • Added support for Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) stapling.

Qt QML Module

  • Improved support for enums declared in C++.
  • JavaScript null as a binding value is now optimized at compile time.
  • Implemented the generation of function tables on 64-bit Windows, making it possible to unwind the stack through JITed functions.

Qt Quick Module

  • Added support to TableView for hiding rows and columns.

Qt Quick Controls 2 Module

  • Added SplitView QML type.
  • Added a cache property to icons.

Qt Wayland Module

  • Added a new client buffer integration for linux-dmabuf-unstable-v1. Qt clients already had support through wayland-egl integration.
  • Added support for the wp_viewporter protocol.

Qt WebEngine Module

  • Updated to Chromium 73.
  • Added support for application-local client certificate store.
  • Added support for client certificates from QML.
  • Added support for viewing PDF files via an internal Chromium extension.
  • Introduced the Web Notifications API.

Platform Changes


  • Android 5.0 (API level 21) is now the minimum supported version.
  • Added support for content: URLs to QFile.
  • Added native file dialog support.


  • Added a new shell integration for fullscreen-shell-unstable-v1.

Technology Preview Modules

New Platforms

Qt for Automation Modules


  • Added a secure client API.


  • Added a QML API (as technology preview).
  • C++ API is now out of technology preview.
  • Added a secure client C++ API (as technology preview).
  • UaCpp and Open62542 backends now have feature parity.

Qt CoAP (Technology Preview)

  • Added DTLS support.

Deprecated Modules

The following modules are part of Qt 5.13, but are deprecated and considered for removal in subsequent releases of Qt:

  • Qt Script
  • Qt Quick Controls 1
  • Qt XML Patterns

Removed Modules

The following modules were deprecated earlier and are no longer part of the Qt 5.13 release:

  • Qt Canvas 3D

List of API Changes

The pages below contain a list of API changes in Qt 5.13:

Additions to Other Qt 5 Releases

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