ParticleShape3D QML Type

Offers 3D shapes for emitters and affectors. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Particles3D
Since: Qt 6.2


Detailed Description

The ParticleShape3D element supports shapes like Cube, Sphere and Cylinder for particles needs. For example, emitter can use shape property to emit particles from the shape area.

Shapes don't have position, scale or rotation. Instead, they use parent node for these properties.

Property Documentation

ShapeType : enumeration

Defines the type of the shape.

ParticleShape3D.CubeCube shape.
ParticleShape3D.SphereSphere shape.
ParticleShape3D.CylinderCylinder shape.

extents : vector3d

This property defines the extents of the shape.

The default value for each axis is 50.

fill : bool

This property defines if the shape should be filled or just use the shape outlines.

The default value is true.

type : ShapeType

This property defines the type of the shape.

The default value is ParticleShape3D.Cube.

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