# QDoc is a tool that constantly evolves and there may be compatibility issues
# between old and new practices. For that reason, QDoc configuration files in
# the Qt Project includes compat.qdocconf:

# Give the documentation project a title:
project = My documentation project

# Pass additional include paths to QDoc when parsing C++ code for documentation
# comments.
#includepaths += -I/some/path

# QDoc needs a lists of file extensions to know which files to process in
# different situations. Uncomment the following include statement to get
# a pre-defined list of file extensions.

# You can also specify file extensions manually.
headers.fileextensions  = "*.h *.hpp"
sources.fileextensions  = "*.cpp *.qml *.qdoc"

# The outputdir variable specifies the directory where QDoc places the generated
# documentation.
outputdir   = public

# The headerdirs variable specifies the directories that contain the header
# files associated with the .cpp source files used in the documentation.
headerdirs  = .

# The sourcedirs variable specifies the directories that contain the .cpp or
# .qdoc files used in the documentation.
sourcedirs  = .

# The exampledirs variable specifies the directories that contain the source
# code of the example files.
exampledirs = ./examples

# The imagedirs variable specifies the directories that contain images used in
# the documentation.
imagedirs   = ./images

# Set a warning limit. QDoc will exit with a non-zero exit code if it generates
# documentation warnings during the documentation build. Useful for tracking
# down documentation issues.
#warninglimit = 0
#warninglimit.enabled = true

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