ActiveQt Examples and Tutorials

This page lists ActiveQt examples and tutorials:

COM App Example (ActiveQt)

The COM App example shows how to use ActiveQt to develop a Qt application that can be automated via COM. Different QObject based classes are exposed as COM objects that communicate with the GUI of the running Qt application. The APIs of those COM objects has been designed to resemble the APIs of standard COM applications; i.e. those from Microsoft Office.

Qutlook Example (ActiveQt)

The Qutlook example demonstrates the use of ActiveQt to automate Outlook. The example makes use of the dumpcpp tool to generate a C++ namespace for the type library describing the Outlook Object Model.

Simple Example (ActiveQt)

The Simple example demonstrates the use of QAxBindable and QAxFactory.

Wrapper Example (ActiveQt)

The Wrapper example demonstrates how to export existing QWidget classes as ActiveX controls, and the use of QAxFactory together with the QAXFACTORY_EXPORT() macro. ActiveX controls in this example are the standard button classes QPushButton, QCheckBox and QRadioButton as provided by Qt.

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