This property was introduced in Qt 6.0.

Note: This property is in technology preview and may change in future releases.

Note: This property is used only if targeting the Android platform.

By default, androiddeployqt will detect the dependencies of your application. However, since run-time usage of plugins cannot be detected, there could be false positives, as your application might depend on any plugin that is a potential dependency. If you want to minimize the size of your APK, it's possible to override the automatic detection using this property. This should contain a list of all Qt files which need to be included, with paths relative to the Qt install root.

Note: Only the Qt files specified with this variable are included. Failing to include all the correct files can result in crashes. It's also important to make sure the files are listed in the correct loading order. This variable provides a way to override the automatic detection entirely, so if a library is listed before its dependencies, it will fail to load on some devices.

See also qt_android_generate_deployment_settings().

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