New Classes and Functions in Qt 6.5

This page contains a comprehensive list of all new classes and functions introduced in Qt 6.5.

New Namespaces

namespace QtCanBus
namespace QtProtobuf

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class QAbstractOAuth2:

void setSslConfiguration(const QSslConfiguration &configuration)
QSslConfiguration sslConfiguration() const
void sslConfigurationChanged(const QSslConfiguration &configuration)

Class QAccessibleInterface:

QAccessibleSelectionInterface *selectionInterface()

Class QAnyStringView:

void chop(qsizetype n)
QAnyStringView chopped(qsizetype n) const
QAnyStringView first(qsizetype n) const
QAnyStringView last(qsizetype n) const
QAnyStringView sliced(qsizetype pos) const
QAnyStringView sliced(qsizetype pos, qsizetype n) const
void truncate(qsizetype n)

Class QBasicTimer:

void start(std::chrono::milliseconds duration, QObject *object)
void start(std::chrono::milliseconds duration, Qt::TimerType timerType, QObject *obj)

Class QByteArray:

QByteArray::iterator erase(QByteArray::const_iterator it)
QByteArray fromEcmaUint8Array(emscripten::val uint8array)
QByteArray &removeAt(qsizetype pos)
QByteArray &removeFirst()
QByteArray &removeLast()
emscripten::val toEcmaUint8Array()

Class QCoreApplication:

Qt::PermissionStatus checkPermission(const QPermission &permission)
void requestPermission(const QPermission &permission, Functor &&functor)
void requestPermission(const QPermission &permission, const QObject *context, Functor functor)

Class QCryptographicHash:

QCryptographicHash::Algorithm algorithm() const
QCryptographicHash &operator=(QCryptographicHash &&other)
bool supportsAlgorithm(QCryptographicHash::Algorithm method)
void swap(QCryptographicHash &other)

Class QDate:

QDateTime endOfDay() const
QDateTime startOfDay() const

Class QDateTime:

QDateTime currentDateTime(const QTimeZone &zone)
QDateTime fromMSecsSinceEpoch(qint64 msecs)
QDateTime fromSecsSinceEpoch(qint64 secs)
QTimeZone timeRepresentation() const

Class QGlyphRun:

void setSourceString(const QString &sourceString)
void setStringIndexes(const QList<qsizetype> &stringIndexes)
QString sourceString() const
QList<qsizetype> stringIndexes() const

Class QGuiApplication:

void setBadgeNumber(qint64 number)

Class QHttp1Configuration:

bool operator!=(const QHttp1Configuration &lhs, const QHttp1Configuration &rhs)
bool operator==(const QHttp1Configuration &lhs, const QHttp1Configuration &rhs)
size_t qHash(const QHttp1Configuration &key, size_t seed)

Class QHttpServerRequest:

QHostAddress localAddress() const
quint16 localPort() const
quint16 remotePort() const

Class QHttpServerResponder:

void sendResponse(const QHttpServerResponse &response)

Class QLatin1StringView:

int compare(QUtf8StringView str, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const

Class QLibraryInfo:

bool isSharedBuild()

Class QLowEnergyController:

void readRssi()
void rssiRead(qint16 rssi)

Class QMessageLogger:

void fatal(const QLoggingCategory &cat, const char *msg, ...) const
void fatal(QMessageLogger::CategoryFunction catFunc, const char *msg, ...) const
QDebug fatal() const
QDebug fatal(const QLoggingCategory &cat) const
QDebug fatal(QMessageLogger::CategoryFunction catFunc) const

Class QMetaObject:

QObject *newInstance(Args &&... arguments) const

Class QMetaType:

bool isCopyConstructible() const
bool isDefaultConstructible() const
bool isDestructible() const
bool isMoveConstructible() const
QDebug operator<<(QDebug d, QMetaType m)
int qRegisterMetaType(QMetaType meta)
void registerType() const

Class QEGLContext:

virtual void invalidateContext() = 0

Class QNetworkRequest:

QHttp1Configuration http1Configuration() const
void setHttp1Configuration(const QHttp1Configuration &configuration)

Class QOpenGLBuffer:

QOpenGLBuffer &operator=(QOpenGLBuffer &&other)
void swap(QOpenGLBuffer &other)

Class QOpenGLWidget:

QOpenGLWidget::TargetBuffer currentTargetBuffer() const
GLuint defaultFramebufferObject(QOpenGLWidget::TargetBuffer targetBuffer) const
QImage grabFramebuffer(QOpenGLWidget::TargetBuffer targetBuffer)
void makeCurrent(QOpenGLWidget::TargetBuffer targetBuffer)

Class QQmlApplicationEngine:

void loadFromModule(QAnyStringView uri, QAnyStringView typeName)

Class QQmlComponent:

bool isBound() const
void loadFromModule(QAnyStringView uri, QAnyStringView typeName, QQmlComponent::CompilationMode mode)

Class QQmlEngine:

void offlineStoragePathChanged()
T singletonInstance(QAnyStringView uri, QAnyStringView typeName)

Class QQuickGraphicsConfiguration:

bool isAutomaticPipelineCacheEnabled() const
void setAutomaticPipelineCache(bool enable)
void setDebugLayer(bool enable)
void setDebugMarkers(bool enable)
void setPipelineCacheLoadFile(const QString &filename)
void setPipelineCacheSaveFile(const QString &filename)
void setPreferSoftwareDevice(bool enable)

Class QRectF:

QRectF fromDOMRect(emscripten::val domRect)
emscripten::val toDOMRect() const

Class QRegularExpression:

QRegularExpressionMatchIterator globalMatchView(QStringView subjectView, qsizetype offset, QRegularExpression::MatchType matchType, QRegularExpression::MatchOptions matchOptions) const
QRegularExpressionMatch matchView(QStringView subjectView, qsizetype offset, QRegularExpression::MatchType matchType, QRegularExpression::MatchOptions matchOptions) const

Class QSGRenderNode:

const QMatrix4x4 *projectionMatrix() const

Class QString:

QString &append(QUtf8StringView str)
QString::iterator erase(QString::const_iterator it)
QString &insert(qsizetype position, QUtf8StringView str)
QString &operator+=(QUtf8StringView str)
QString &prepend(QUtf8StringView str)
QString &removeAt(qsizetype pos)
QString &removeFirst()
QString &removeLast()

Class QStringView:

int compare(QUtf8StringView str, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const

Class QSvgGenerator:

QSvgGenerator::SvgVersion svgVersion() const

Class QTextLayout:

QList<QGlyphRun> glyphRuns(int from, int length, QTextLayout::GlyphRunRetrievalFlags retrievalFlags) const

Class QTextLine:

QList<QGlyphRun> glyphRuns(int from, int length, QTextLayout::GlyphRunRetrievalFlags retrievalFlags) const

Class QTimeZone:

QTimeZone asBackendZone() const
int fixedSecondsAheadOfUtc() const
bool isUtcOrFixedOffset(Qt::TimeSpec spec)
bool isUtcOrFixedOffset() const
Qt::TimeSpec timeSpec() const

Class QTransform:

QTransform &rotate(qreal a, Qt::Axis axis, qreal distanceToPlane)
QTransform &rotateRadians(qreal a, Qt::Axis axis, qreal distanceToPlane)

Class QVulkanInstance:

void clearDebugOutputFilters()
void installDebugOutputFilter(QVulkanInstance::DebugUtilsFilter filter)

Class QWebEngineProfile:

bool isPushServiceEnabled() const
void setPushServiceEnabled(bool enable)

Class QWebEngineUrlRequestInfo:

QHash<QByteArray, QByteArray> httpHeaders() const

Class QWebSocket:

void errorOccurred(QAbstractSocket::SocketError error)

New Functions in Namespaces

bool currentTestResolved()
void qRegisterTestCase(const QString &name, QTest::TestEntryFunction entryFunction)
char *toString(const QKeySequence &ks)

New Macros

New Enum Types

enum class ParseOption { Default, UseNamespaceProcessing, PreserveSpacingOnlyNodes }
enum TargetBuffer { LeftBuffer, RightBuffer }
enum class SvgVersion { SvgTiny12, Svg11 }
enum GlyphRunRetrievalFlag { RetrieveGlyphIndexes, RetrieveGlyphPositions, RetrieveStringIndexes, RetrieveString, DefaultRetrievalFlags, RetrieveAll }
enum Initialization { LocalTime, UTC }
enum DebugMessageSeverityFlag { VerboseSeverity, InfoSeverity, WarningSeverity, ErrorSeverity }
enum DebugMessageTypeFlag { GeneralMessage, ValidationMessage, PerformanceMessage }
enum class PermissionStatus { Undetermined, Granted, Denied }

New Enum Values

New Type Aliases

New Properties

New Variables

New QML Types

New QML Properties

QML Type Camera:

QML Type CaptureSession:

screenCapture : ScreenCapture

QML Type DebugSettings:

materialOverride : enumeration
wireframeEnabled : bool

QML Type DynamicRigidBody:

kinematicEulerRotation : vector4d
kinematicPivot : vector3d
kinematicPosition : vector3d
kinematicRotation : vector3d

QML Type Item: : bool

QML Type MapCircle:

QML Type MapPolygon:

QML Type MapPolyline:

QML Type MapRectangle:

QML Type MediaPlayer:

playing : bool

QML Type Model:

QML Type PickResult:

QML Type PrincipledMaterial:

QML Type ReflectionProbe:

texture : CubeMapTexture

QML Type RenderStats:

QML Type SceneEnvironment:

aoEnabled : bool
debugSettings : QtQuick3D::DebugSettings
fog : QtQuick3D::Fog
scissorRect : rect

QML Type SpecularGlossyMaterial:

QML Type TableView:

editTriggers : enumeration
resizableColumns : bool
resizableRows : bool

QML Type TapHandler:

exclusiveSignals : enumeration

QML Type TreeViewDelegate:

editing : bool

New QML Signals

frameDone(float timestep)

New QML Methods

QML Type Locale:

string toString(int i)
string toString(double f, char format, int precision)
string toString(Date date, string format)
string toString(Date date, FormatType format)

QML Type TableView:

edit(QModelIndex modelIndex)
Item itemAtIndex(QModelIndex index)
positionViewAtIndex(QModelIndex index, PositionMode mode, point offset, rect subRect)

QML Type TestCase:

bool waitForPolish(object windowOrItem, int timeout)

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