geoSatelliteInfo QML Value Type

The geoSatelliteInfo type represents basic information about a satellite. More...

Import Statement: import QtPositioning 6.6
Since: Qt 6.5



Detailed Description

This type is a QML representation of QGeoSatelliteInfo. The type is uncreatable from QML and can only be used when handling satellite updates from SatelliteSource.

This type contains the satelliteSystem, satelliteIdentifier and signalStrength read-only properties, and also optional attributes.

Use the hasAttribute method to check if the attribute exists or not, and the attribute method to get its value.

See also QGeoSatelliteInfo.

Property Documentation

[read-only] satelliteIdentifier : int

Holds the satellite identifier number.

The satellite identifier number can be used to identify a satellite within the satellite system.

The actual value may vary, depending on the platform and the selected backend.

[read-only] satelliteSystem : enumeration

Holds the GNSS system of the satellite.

GeoSatelliteInfo.UndefinedNot defined.
GeoSatelliteInfo.GPSGlobal Positioning System (USA).
GeoSatelliteInfo.GLONASSGlobal Positioning System (Russia).
GeoSatelliteInfo.GALILEOGlobal navigation satellite system (EU).
GeoSatelliteInfo.BEIDOUBeiDou navigation satellite system (China).
GeoSatelliteInfo.QZSSQuasi-Zenith Satellite System (Japan).
GeoSatelliteInfo.MultipleThis type normally indicates that the information is received from a device that supports multiple satellite systems, and the satellite system is not explicitly specified.
GeoSatelliteInfo.CustomTypeThe first type that can be used for user purposes.

[read-only] signalStrength : real

Holds the signal strength in decibels.

Method Documentation

real attribute(Attribute attr)

Returns the value of the attribute attr or -1 if the value has not been set.

The following attributes are supported:

  • GeoSatelliteInfo.Elevation - the elevation of the satellite, in degrees.
  • GeoSatelliteInfo.Azimuth - the azimuth to true north, in degrees.

bool hasAttribute(Attribute attr)

Returns true if the satellite information contains the attribute attr. Otherwise returns false.

See attribute() for the list of supported attributes.

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