QAxObjectInterface Class

QAxObjectInterface is an interface providing common properties of QAxObject and QAxWidget. More...

Header: #include <QAxObjectInterface>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS AxContainer)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::AxContainer)
qmake: QT += axcontainer
Since: Qt 6.0
Inherited By:


Public Functions

virtual ~QAxObjectInterface()
virtual ulong classContext() const = 0
virtual QString control() const = 0
virtual void resetControl() = 0
virtual void setClassContext(ulong classContext) = 0
virtual bool setControl(const QString &c) = 0

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

[virtual noexcept] QAxObjectInterface::~QAxObjectInterface()

Destroys the QAxObjectInterface.

[pure virtual] ulong QAxObjectInterface::classContext() const

Returns the context the ActiveX control will run in (default CLSCTX_SERVER).

See also setClassContext(), QAxBaseWidget::classContext, and QAxBaseObject::classContext.

[pure virtual] QString QAxObjectInterface::control() const

Returns the name of the COM object wrapped by this QAxBase object.

See also setControl(), QAxBaseWidget::control, and QAxBaseObject::control.

[pure virtual] void QAxObjectInterface::resetControl()

Disconnects and destroys the COM object.

See also QAxBaseWidget::control and QAxBaseObject::control.

[pure virtual] void QAxObjectInterface::setClassContext(ulong classContext)

Sets the context the ActiveX control will run in to classContext

Affects the "dwClsContext" argument when calling CoCreateInstance. This can be used to control in-proc vs. out-of-proc startup for controls supporting both alternatives. Also, it can be used to modify/reduce control permissions when used with CLSCTX_ENABLE_CLOAKING and an impersonation token.

Note that this function must be called before setControl() to have any effect.

See also QAxBaseWidget::classContext and QAxBaseObject::classContext.

[pure virtual] bool QAxObjectInterface::setControl(const QString &c)

Returns whether setting the COM object succeeded.

Sets the name of the COM object wrapped by this QAxBase object to c.

See also QAxBaseWidget::control and QAxBaseObject::control.

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