QAxScriptEngine Class

The QAxScriptEngine class provides a wrapper around a script engine. More...

Header: #include <QAxScriptEngine>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS AxContainer)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::AxContainer)
qmake: QT += axcontainer
Inherits: QAxObject

Public Types

enum State { Uninitialized, Initialized, Started, Connected, Disconnected, Closed }

Public Functions

QAxScriptEngine(const QString &language, QAxScript *script)
virtual ~QAxScriptEngine() override
void addItem(const QString &name)
bool hasIntrospection() const
bool isValid() const
long queryInterface(const QUuid &uuid, void **iface) const
QString scriptLanguage() const
void setState(QAxScriptEngine::State st)
QAxScriptEngine::State state() const

Reimplemented Protected Functions

virtual bool initialize(IUnknown **ptr) override

Detailed Description

Every instance of the QAxScriptEngine class represents an interpreter for script code in a particular scripting language. The class is usually not used directly. The QAxScript and QAxScriptManager classes provide convenient functions to handle and call script code.

Direct access to the script engine is provided through queryInterface().

Warning: This class is not available with the bcc5.5 compiler.

See also QAxScript, QAxScriptManager, QAxBase, and ActiveQt Framework.

Member Type Documentation

enum QAxScriptEngine::State

The State enumeration defines the different states a script engine can be in.

QAxScriptEngine::Uninitialized0The script has been created, but not yet initialized
QAxScriptEngine::Initialized5The script has been initialized, but is not running
QAxScriptEngine::Started1The script can execute code, but does not yet handle events
QAxScriptEngine::Connected2The script can execute code and is connected so that it can handle events
QAxScriptEngine::Disconnected3The script is loaded, but is not connected to event sources
QAxScriptEngine::Closed4The script has been closed.

Member Function Documentation

QAxScriptEngine::QAxScriptEngine(const QString &language, QAxScript *script)

Constructs a QAxScriptEngine object interpreting script code in language provided by the code in script. This is usually done by the QAxScript class when loading a script.

Instances of QAxScriptEngine should always have both a language and a script.

[override virtual noexcept] QAxScriptEngine::~QAxScriptEngine()

Destroys the QAxScriptEngine object, releasing all allocated resources.

void QAxScriptEngine::addItem(const QString &name)

Registers an item with the script engine. Script code can refer to this item using name.

bool QAxScriptEngine::hasIntrospection() const

Returns true if the script engine supports introspection; otherwise returns false.

[override virtual protected] bool QAxScriptEngine::initialize(IUnknown **ptr)

Reimplements: QAxBase::initialize(IUnknown **ptr).

bool QAxScriptEngine::isValid() const

Returns true if the script engine has been initialized correctly; otherwise returns false.

long QAxScriptEngine::queryInterface(const QUuid &uuid, void **iface) const

Requests the interface uuid from the script engine object and sets the value of iface to the provided interface, or to 0 if the requested interface could not be provided.

Returns the result of the QueryInterface implementation of the COM object.

QString QAxScriptEngine::scriptLanguage() const

Returns the scripting language, for example "VBScript", or "JScript".

void QAxScriptEngine::setState(QAxScriptEngine::State st)

Sets the state of the script engine to st. Calling this function is usually not necessary.

See also state().

QAxScriptEngine::State QAxScriptEngine::state() const

Returns the state of the script engine.

See also setState().

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