QGraphTheme Class

The QGraphTheme class handles theming of the graph. More...

Header: #include <QGraphTheme>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Graphs)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Graphs)
qmake: QT += graphs
Instantiated By: GraphTheme
Inherits: QObject and QQmlParserStatus
Status: Technical Preview

Public Functions

QColor axisXLabelsColor() const
QFont axisXLabelsFont() const
qreal axisXMajorBarWidth() const
QColor axisXMajorColor() const
qreal axisXMinorBarWidth() const
QColor axisXMinorColor() const
qreal axisXSmoothing() const
QColor axisYLabelsColor() const
QFont axisYLabelsFont() const
qreal axisYMajorBarWidth() const
QColor axisYMajorColor() const
qreal axisYMinorBarWidth() const
QColor axisYMinorColor() const
qreal axisYSmoothing() const
QGraphTheme::ColorTheme colorTheme() const
QColor gridMajorBarsColor() const
qreal gridMajorBarsWidth() const
QColor gridMinorBarsColor() const
qreal gridMinorBarsWidth() const
qreal gridSmoothing() const
void setAxisXLabelsColor(const QColor &newAxisXLabelsColor)
void setAxisXLabelsFont(const QFont &newAxisXLabelsFont)
void setAxisXMajorBarWidth(qreal newAxisXMajorBarWidth)
void setAxisXMajorColor(const QColor &newAxisXMajorColor)
void setAxisXMinorBarWidth(qreal newAxisXMinorBarWidth)
void setAxisXMinorColor(const QColor &newAxisXMinorColor)
void setAxisXSmoothing(qreal newAxisXSmoothing)
void setAxisYLabelsColor(const QColor &newAxisYLabelsColor)
void setAxisYLabelsFont(const QFont &newAxisYLabelsFont)
void setAxisYMajorBarWidth(qreal newAxisYMajorBarWidth)
void setAxisYMajorColor(const QColor &newAxisYMajorColor)
void setAxisYMinorBarWidth(qreal newAxisYMinorBarWidth)
void setAxisYMinorColor(const QColor &newAxisYMinorColor)
void setAxisYSmoothing(qreal newAxisYSmoothing)
void setColorTheme(const QGraphTheme::ColorTheme &newColorTheme)
void setGridMajorBarsColor(const QColor &newGridMajorBarsColor)
void setGridMajorBarsWidth(qreal newGridMajorBarsWidth)
void setGridMinorBarsColor(const QColor &newGridMinorBarsColor)
void setGridMinorBarsWidth(qreal newGridMinorBarsWidth)
void setGridSmoothing(qreal newGridSmoothing)
void setShadowBarWidth(qreal newShadowBarWidth)
void setShadowColor(const QColor &newShadowColor)
void setShadowEnabled(bool newShadowEnabled)
void setShadowSmoothing(qreal newShadowSmoothing)
void setShadowXOffset(qreal newShadowXOffset)
void setShadowYOffset(qreal newShadowYOffset)
qreal shadowBarWidth() const
QColor shadowColor() const
bool shadowEnabled() const
qreal shadowSmoothing() const
qreal shadowXOffset() const
qreal shadowYOffset() const


Detailed Description

Graph theme handles grid, axis and shadow properties. Grid and axes are divided to major and minor bars and ticks. Major bars and ticks are located on the values for ValueAxis and between categories for CategoryAxis. Minor bars and ticks are located between the major ones.

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