QGrpcCallOptions Class

The QGrpcCallOptions is an storage class used to set additional call options. More...

Header: #include <QGrpcCallOptions>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Grpc)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Grpc)
Since: Qt 6.6
Instantiated By: QQmlGrpcCallOptions
Status: Technical Preview

Public Functions

QGrpcCallOptions(const QGrpcCallOptions &other)
std::optional<std::chrono::milliseconds> deadline() const
QGrpcMetadata metadata() const
QGrpcCallOptions &withDeadline(std::chrono::milliseconds deadline)
QGrpcCallOptions &withMetadata(const QGrpcMetadata &metadata)
QGrpcCallOptions &operator=(const QGrpcCallOptions &other)

Detailed Description

QGrpcCallOptions provides a set of functions to access the call options that are used by gRPC channels to communicate with the services.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs an empty QGrpcCallOptions object.

QGrpcCallOptions::QGrpcCallOptions(const QGrpcCallOptions &other)

Construct a copy of QGrpcCallOptions with other object.

[noexcept] QGrpcCallOptions::~QGrpcCallOptions()

Destroys the QGrpcCallOptions object.

[noexcept] std::optional<std::chrono::milliseconds> QGrpcCallOptions::deadline() const

Returns deadline value for a call.

Deadline value controls the maximum execution time of an call or a stream. This value overrides value set by QGrpcChannelOptions::deadline() for a specific call or stream.

If value was not set returns empty std::optional.

QGrpcMetadata QGrpcCallOptions::metadata() const

Returns metadata used for a call.

If value was not set returns empty QGrpcMetadata.

QGrpcCallOptions &QGrpcCallOptions::withDeadline(std::chrono::milliseconds deadline)

Sets deadline value with deadline and returns updated QGrpcCallOptions object.

QGrpcCallOptions &QGrpcCallOptions::withMetadata(const QGrpcMetadata &metadata)

Sets metadata for a call and returns updated QGrpcCallOptions object.

For HTTP2-based channels, metadata is converted into HTTP/2 headers, that added to the corresponding HTTP/2 request.

QGrpcCallOptions &QGrpcCallOptions::operator=(const QGrpcCallOptions &other)

Assigns other to this QGrpcCallOptions and returns a reference to this QGrpcCallOptions.

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