QHelpFilterSettingsWidget Class

The QHelpFilterSettingsWidget class provides a widget that allows for creating, editing and removing filters. More...

Header: #include <QHelpFilterSettingsWidget>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Help)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Help)
qmake: QT += help
Inherits: QWidget

Public Functions

QHelpFilterSettingsWidget(QWidget *parent = nullptr)
virtual ~QHelpFilterSettingsWidget()
bool applySettings(QHelpFilterEngine *filterEngine) const
void readSettings(const QHelpFilterEngine *filterEngine)
void setAvailableComponents(const QStringList &components)
void setAvailableVersions(const QList<QVersionNumber> &versions)

Detailed Description

The instance of QHelpFilterSettingsWidget may be a part of a preferences dialog. Before showing the dialog, setAvailableComponents() and setAvailableVersions() should be called, otherwise the filter settings widget will only offer a creation of empty filters, which wouldn't be useful. In addition, readSettings should also be called to fill up the filter settings widget with the list of filters already stored in the filter engine. The creation of new filters, modifications to existing filters and removal of unneeded filters are handled by the widget automatically. If you want to store the current state of the widget and apply it to the filter engine e.g. after the user clicked the apply button - call applySettings().

Member Function Documentation

[explicit] QHelpFilterSettingsWidget::QHelpFilterSettingsWidget(QWidget *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a filter settings widget with parent as parent widget.

[virtual noexcept] QHelpFilterSettingsWidget::~QHelpFilterSettingsWidget()

Destroys the filter settings widget.

bool QHelpFilterSettingsWidget::applySettings(QHelpFilterEngine *filterEngine) const

Writes the filter settings, currently presented in this filter settings widget, to the filterEngine. The old settings stored in the filter engine will be overwritten. Returns true on success.

void QHelpFilterSettingsWidget::readSettings(const QHelpFilterEngine *filterEngine)

Reads the filter settings stored inside filterEngine and sets up this filter settings widget accordingly.

void QHelpFilterSettingsWidget::setAvailableComponents(const QStringList &components)

Sets the list of all available components to components.

See also QHelpFilterEngine::availableComponents().

void QHelpFilterSettingsWidget::setAvailableVersions(const QList<QVersionNumber> &versions)

Sets the list of all available version numbers to versions.

See also QHelpFilterEngine::availableVersions().

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