RegularExpressionValidator QML Type

Provides a string validator. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick
Instantiates: QRegularExpressionValidator


Detailed Description

The RegularExpressionValidator type provides a validator, that counts as valid any string which matches a specified regular expression.

See also IntValidator, DoubleValidator, and Validating Input Text.

Property Documentation

regularExpression : regularExpression

This property holds the regular expression used for validation.

Note that this property should be a regular expression in JS syntax, e.g /a/ for the regular expression matching "a".

By default, this property contains a regular expression with the pattern .* that matches any string.

Below you can find an example of a TextInput object with a RegularExpressionValidator specified:

TextInput {
    id: hexNumber
    validator: RegularExpressionValidator { regularExpression: /[0-9A-F]+/ }

Some more examples of regular expressions:

  • A list of numbers with one to three positions separated by a comma:
  • An amount consisting of up to 3 numbers before the decimal point, and 1 to 2 after the decimal point:

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