SpriteSequence QML Type

Draws a sprite animation. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick




Detailed Description

SpriteSequence renders and controls a list of animations defined by Sprite types.

For full details, see the Sprite Animations overview.

See also Sprite animations with SpriteSequence.

Property Documentation

currentSprite : string [read-only]

The name of the Sprite that is currently animating.

goalSprite : string

The name of the Sprite that the animation should move to.

Sprite states have defined durations and transitions between them; setting goalSprite will cause it to disregard any path weightings (including 0) and head down the path that will reach the goalSprite quickest (fewest animations). It will pass through intermediate states on that path, and animate them for their duration.

If it is possible to return to the goalSprite from the starting point of the goalSprite, it will continue to do so until goalSprite is set to "" or an unreachable state.

interpolate : bool

If true, interpolation will occur between sprite frames to make the animation appear smoother.

Default is true.

running : bool

Whether the sprite is animating or not.

Default is true.

sprites : list<Sprite> [read-only]

The sprite or sprites to draw. Sprites will be scaled to the size of this item.

Method Documentation

jumpTo(string sprite)

This function causes the SpriteSequence to jump to the specified sprite immediately; intermediate sprites are not played.

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