QMqttLastWillProperties Class

The QMqttLastWillProperties class represents configuration options a QMqttClient can pass to the server when specifying the last will during connecting to a server. More...

Header: #include <QMqttLastWillProperties>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Mqtt)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Mqtt)
qmake: QT += mqtt

Public Functions

QString contentType() const
QByteArray correlationData() const
quint32 messageExpiryInterval() const
QMqtt::PayloadFormatIndicator payloadFormatIndicator() const
QString responseTopic() const
void setContentType(const QString &content)
void setCorrelationData(const QByteArray &correlation)
void setMessageExpiryInterval(quint32 expiry)
void setPayloadFormatIndicator(QMqtt::PayloadFormatIndicator p)
void setResponseTopic(const QString &response)
void setUserProperties(const QMqttUserProperties &properties)
void setWillDelayInterval(quint32 delay)
QMqttUserProperties userProperties() const
quint32 willDelayInterval() const

Detailed Description

Note: Last Will properties are part of the MQTT 5.0 specification and cannot be used when connecting with a lower protocol level. See QMqttClient::ProtocolVersion for more information.

Member Function Documentation

QString QMqttLastWillProperties::contentType() const

Returns the content type of the last will message.

See also setContentType().

QByteArray QMqttLastWillProperties::correlationData() const

Returns the correlation data to identify the request.

See also setCorrelationData().

quint32 QMqttLastWillProperties::messageExpiryInterval() const

Returns the lifetime of the last will message in seconds, starting from the will delay interval.

See also setMessageExpiryInterval().

QMqtt::PayloadFormatIndicator QMqttLastWillProperties::payloadFormatIndicator() const

Returns the payload format indicator.

See also setPayloadFormatIndicator().

QString QMqttLastWillProperties::responseTopic() const

Returns the topic that subscribers to the last will message should respond to.

See also setResponseTopic().

void QMqttLastWillProperties::setContentType(const QString &content)

Sets the content type to content.

See also contentType().

void QMqttLastWillProperties::setCorrelationData(const QByteArray &correlation)

Sets the correlation data to correlation.

See also correlationData().

void QMqttLastWillProperties::setMessageExpiryInterval(quint32 expiry)

Sets the message expiry interval to expiry.

See also messageExpiryInterval().

void QMqttLastWillProperties::setPayloadFormatIndicator(QMqtt::PayloadFormatIndicator p)

Sets the payload format indicator to p.

See also payloadFormatIndicator().

void QMqttLastWillProperties::setResponseTopic(const QString &response)

Sets the response topic to response.

See also responseTopic().

void QMqttLastWillProperties::setUserProperties(const QMqttUserProperties &properties)

Sets the user properties to properties.

See also userProperties().

void QMqttLastWillProperties::setWillDelayInterval(quint32 delay)

Sets the will delay interval to delay.

See also willDelayInterval().

QMqttUserProperties QMqttLastWillProperties::userProperties() const

Returns the user properties.

See also setUserProperties().

quint32 QMqttLastWillProperties::willDelayInterval() const

Returns the delay in seconds a last will message will be sent after disconnecting from the server.

See also setWillDelayInterval().

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