QOpcUaBrowseRequest Class

Contains parameters for a call to the OPC UA browse service. More...

Header: #include <QOpcUaBrowseRequest>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS OpcUa)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::OpcUa)
qmake: QT += opcua

Public Types

enum class BrowseDirection { Forward, Inverse, Both }

Public Functions

QOpcUaBrowseRequest(const QOpcUaBrowseRequest &other)
QOpcUaBrowseRequest::BrowseDirection browseDirection() const
bool includeSubtypes() const
QOpcUa::NodeClasses nodeClassMask() const
QString referenceTypeId() const
void setBrowseDirection(const QOpcUaBrowseRequest::BrowseDirection &browseDirection)
void setIncludeSubtypes(bool includeSubtypes)
void setNodeClassMask(const QOpcUa::NodeClasses &nodeClassMask)
void setReferenceTypeId(const QString &referenceTypeId)
void setReferenceTypeId(QOpcUa::ReferenceTypeId referenceTypeId)
QOpcUaBrowseRequest &operator=(const QOpcUaBrowseRequest &rhs)

Detailed Description

See also QOpcUaNode::browse().

Member Type Documentation

enum class QOpcUaBrowseRequest::BrowseDirection

This enum specifies the possible browse directions supported by a browse call.

QOpcUaBrowseRequest::BrowseDirection::Forward0Follow references in the forward direction.
QOpcUaBrowseRequest::BrowseDirection::Inverse1Follow references in the inverse direction.
QOpcUaBrowseRequest::BrowseDirection::Both2Follow references in both directions.

Member Function Documentation


Default constructs a browse request with no parameters set.

QOpcUaBrowseRequest::QOpcUaBrowseRequest(const QOpcUaBrowseRequest &other)

Creates a browse request from other.

QOpcUaBrowseRequest::BrowseDirection QOpcUaBrowseRequest::browseDirection() const

Returns the browse direction.

See also setBrowseDirection().

bool QOpcUaBrowseRequest::includeSubtypes() const

Returns true if subtypes of the reference type will be retrieved too.

See also setIncludeSubtypes().

QOpcUa::NodeClasses QOpcUaBrowseRequest::nodeClassMask() const

Returns the node class mask.

See also setNodeClassMask().

QString QOpcUaBrowseRequest::referenceTypeId() const

Returns the reference type id.

See also setReferenceTypeId().

void QOpcUaBrowseRequest::setBrowseDirection(const QOpcUaBrowseRequest::BrowseDirection &browseDirection)

Sets the browse direction to browseDirection.

See also browseDirection().

void QOpcUaBrowseRequest::setIncludeSubtypes(bool includeSubtypes)

Sets the inclusion of subtypes of the reference type to includeSubtypes.

See also includeSubtypes().

void QOpcUaBrowseRequest::setNodeClassMask(const QOpcUa::NodeClasses &nodeClassMask)

Sets the node class mask to nodeClassMask. Nodes of all classes included into the node class mask will be returned by the browse operation.

See also nodeClassMask().

void QOpcUaBrowseRequest::setReferenceTypeId(const QString &referenceTypeId)

Sets the reference type id to referenceTypeId.

See also referenceTypeId().

void QOpcUaBrowseRequest::setReferenceTypeId(QOpcUa::ReferenceTypeId referenceTypeId)

Sets the reference type id to referenceTypeId.

QOpcUaBrowseRequest &QOpcUaBrowseRequest::operator=(const QOpcUaBrowseRequest &rhs)

Sets the values from rhs in this browse request.

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