QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray Class

A container class for multidimensional arrays. More...

Header: #include <QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS OpcUa)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::OpcUa)
qmake: QT += opcua

Public Functions

QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray(const QVariantList &value, const QList<quint32> &arrayDimensions)
QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray(const QList<quint32> &arrayDimensions)
QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray(const QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray &other)
QList<quint32> arrayDimensions() const
int arrayIndex(const QList<quint32> &indices) const
bool isValid() const
void setArrayDimensions(const QList<quint32> &arrayDimensions)
bool setValue(const QList<quint32> &indices, const QVariant &value)
void setValueArray(const QVariantList &value)
QVariant value(const QList<quint32> &indices) const
QVariantList valueArray() const
QVariantList &valueArrayRef()
QVariant operator QVariant() const
QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray &operator=(const QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray &rhs)
bool operator==(const QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray &other) const

Detailed Description

This class manages arrays of Qt OPC UA types with associated array dimensions information. It is returned as value when a multidimensional array is received from the server. It can also be used as a write value or as parameter for filters and method calls.

Member Function Documentation


Default constructs a multi dimensional array with no parameters set.

QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray(const QVariantList &value, const QList<quint32> &arrayDimensions)

Constructs a multidimensional array with value value and array dimensions arrayDimensions.

QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray(const QList<quint32> &arrayDimensions)

Creates a multidimensional array with preallocated data fitting arrayDimensions.

QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray(const QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray &other)

Constructs a multidimensional array from other.

QList<quint32> QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::arrayDimensions() const

Returns the dimensions of the multidimensional array. The element at position n contains the length of the n-th dimension.

See also setArrayDimensions().

int QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::arrayIndex(const QList<quint32> &indices) const

Returns the array index in valueArray() of the element identified by indices. If indices is invalid for the array or if the array's dimensions don't match the size of valueArray(), the invalid index -1 is returned.

bool QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::isValid() const

Returns true if the multidimensional array is valid

void QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::setArrayDimensions(const QList<quint32> &arrayDimensions)

Sets the dimensions of the multidimensional array to arrayDimensions.

See also arrayDimensions().

bool QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::setValue(const QList<quint32> &indices, const QVariant &value)

Sets the value at position indices to value. Returns true if the value has been successfully set.

See also value().

void QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::setValueArray(const QVariantList &value)

Sets the value array of the multidimensional array to value.

See also valueArray().

QVariant QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::value(const QList<quint32> &indices) const

Returns the value of the element identified by indices. If the indices are invalid for the array, an empty QVariant is returned.

See also setValue().

QVariantList QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::valueArray() const

Returns the value array of the multidimensional array.

See also setValueArray().

QVariantList &QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::valueArrayRef()

Returns a reference to the value array of the multidimensional array.

QVariant QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::operator QVariant() const

Converts this multidimensional array to QVariant.

QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray &QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::operator=(const QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray &rhs)

Sets the values from rhs in the multidimensional array.

bool QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray::operator==(const QOpcUaMultiDimensionalArray &other) const

Returns true if this multidimensional array has the same value as other.

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