QOpenGLVersionProfile Class

The QOpenGLVersionProfile class represents the version and if applicable the profile of an OpenGL context. More...

Header: #include <QOpenGLVersionProfile>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS OpenGL)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::OpenGL)
qmake: QT += opengl

Public Functions

QOpenGLVersionProfile(const QSurfaceFormat &format)
QOpenGLVersionProfile(const QOpenGLVersionProfile &other)
bool hasProfiles() const
bool isLegacyVersion() const
bool isValid() const
QSurfaceFormat::OpenGLContextProfile profile() const
void setProfile(QSurfaceFormat::OpenGLContextProfile profile)
void setVersion(int majorVersion, int minorVersion)
QPair<int, int> version() const
QOpenGLVersionProfile &operator=(const QOpenGLVersionProfile &rhs)

Detailed Description

An object of this class can be passed to QOpenGLContext::versionFunctions() to request a functions object for a specific version and profile of OpenGL.

It also contains some helper functions to check if a version supports profiles or is a legacy version.

Member Function Documentation


Creates a default invalid QOpenGLVersionProfile object.

[explicit] QOpenGLVersionProfile::QOpenGLVersionProfile(const QSurfaceFormat &format)

Creates a QOpenGLVersionProfile object initialised with the version and profile from format.

QOpenGLVersionProfile::QOpenGLVersionProfile(const QOpenGLVersionProfile &other)

Constructs a copy of other.

[noexcept] QOpenGLVersionProfile::~QOpenGLVersionProfile()

Destroys the QOpenGLVersionProfile object.

bool QOpenGLVersionProfile::hasProfiles() const

Returns true if profiles are supported by the OpenGL version returned by version(). Only OpenGL versions >= 3.2 support profiles.

See also profile() and version().

bool QOpenGLVersionProfile::isLegacyVersion() const

Returns true is the OpenGL version returned by version() contains deprecated functions and does not support profiles i.e. if the OpenGL version is <= 3.1.

bool QOpenGLVersionProfile::isValid() const

Returns true if the version number is valid. Note that for a default constructed QOpenGLVersionProfile object this function will return false.

See also setVersion() and version().

QSurfaceFormat::OpenGLContextProfile QOpenGLVersionProfile::profile() const

Returns the OpenGL profile. Only makes sense if profiles are supported by this version.

See also setProfile().

void QOpenGLVersionProfile::setProfile(QSurfaceFormat::OpenGLContextProfile profile)

Sets the OpenGL profile profile. Only makes sense if profiles are supported by this version.

See also profile().

void QOpenGLVersionProfile::setVersion(int majorVersion, int minorVersion)

Sets the major and minor version numbers to majorVersion and minorVersion respectively.

See also version().

QPair<int, int> QOpenGLVersionProfile::version() const

Returns a QPair<int,int> where the components represent the major and minor OpenGL version numbers respectively.

See also setVersion().

QOpenGLVersionProfile &QOpenGLVersionProfile::operator=(const QOpenGLVersionProfile &rhs)

Assigns the version and profile of rhs to this QOpenGLVersionProfile object.

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