QPrinterInfo Class

The QPrinterInfo class gives access to information about existing printers. More...

Header: #include <QPrinterInfo>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS PrintSupport)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::PrintSupport)
qmake: QT += printsupport

Public Functions

QPrinterInfo(const QPrinter &printer)
QPrinterInfo(const QPrinterInfo &other)
QPrinter::ColorMode defaultColorMode() const
QPrinter::DuplexMode defaultDuplexMode() const
QPageSize defaultPageSize() const
QString description() const
bool isDefault() const
bool isNull() const
bool isRemote() const
QString location() const
QString makeAndModel() const
QPageSize maximumPhysicalPageSize() const
QPageSize minimumPhysicalPageSize() const
QString printerName() const
QPrinter::PrinterState state() const
QList<QPrinter::ColorMode> supportedColorModes() const
QList<QPrinter::DuplexMode> supportedDuplexModes() const
QList<QPageSize> supportedPageSizes() const
QList<int> supportedResolutions() const
bool supportsCustomPageSizes() const
QPrinterInfo &operator=(const QPrinterInfo &other)

Static Public Members

QStringList availablePrinterNames()
QList<QPrinterInfo> availablePrinters()
QPrinterInfo defaultPrinter()
QString defaultPrinterName()
QPrinterInfo printerInfo(const QString &printerName)

Detailed Description

Use the static functions to generate a list of QPrinterInfo objects. Each QPrinterInfo object in the list represents a single printer and can be queried for name, supported paper sizes, and whether or not it is the default printer.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs an empty QPrinterInfo object.

See also isNull().

[explicit] QPrinterInfo::QPrinterInfo(const QPrinter &printer)

Constructs a QPrinterInfo object from printer.

QPrinterInfo::QPrinterInfo(const QPrinterInfo &other)

Constructs a copy of other.

[noexcept] QPrinterInfo::~QPrinterInfo()

Destroys the QPrinterInfo object. References to the values in the object become invalid.

[static] QStringList QPrinterInfo::availablePrinterNames()

Returns a list of all the available Printer Names on this system.

It is recommended to use this instead of availablePrinters() as it will be faster on most systems.

Note that the list may become outdated if changes are made on the local system or remote print server. Only instantiate required QPrinterInfo instances when needed, and always check for validity before calling.

[static] QList<QPrinterInfo> QPrinterInfo::availablePrinters()

Returns a list of QPrinterInfo objects for all the available printers on this system.

It is NOT recommended to use this as creating each printer instance may take a long time, especially if there are remote networked printers, and retained instances may become outdated if changes are made on the local system or remote print server. Use availablePrinterNames() instead and only instantiate printer instances as you need them.

QPrinter::ColorMode QPrinterInfo::defaultColorMode() const

Returns the default color mode of this printer.

QPrinter::DuplexMode QPrinterInfo::defaultDuplexMode() const

Returns the default duplex mode of this printer.

QPageSize QPrinterInfo::defaultPageSize() const

Returns the current default Page Size for this printer.

[static] QPrinterInfo QPrinterInfo::defaultPrinter()

Returns the default printer on the system.

The return value should be checked using isNull() before being used, in case there is no default printer.

On some systems it is possible for there to be available printers but none of them set to be the default printer.

See also isNull(), isDefault(), and availablePrinters().

[static] QString QPrinterInfo::defaultPrinterName()

Returns the current default printer name.

QString QPrinterInfo::description() const

Returns the human-readable description of the printer.

See also QPrinterInfo::printerName().

bool QPrinterInfo::isDefault() const

Returns whether this printer is currently the default printer.

bool QPrinterInfo::isNull() const

Returns whether this QPrinterInfo object holds a printer definition.

An empty QPrinterInfo object could result for example from calling defaultPrinter() when there are no printers on the system.

bool QPrinterInfo::isRemote() const

Returns whether this printer is a remote network printer.

QString QPrinterInfo::location() const

Returns the human-readable location of the printer.

QString QPrinterInfo::makeAndModel() const

Returns the human-readable make and model of the printer.

QPageSize QPrinterInfo::maximumPhysicalPageSize() const

Returns the maximum physical page size supported by this printer.

See also minimumPhysicalPageSize().

QPageSize QPrinterInfo::minimumPhysicalPageSize() const

Returns the minimum physical page size supported by this printer.

See also maximumPhysicalPageSize().

[static] QPrinterInfo QPrinterInfo::printerInfo(const QString &printerName)

Returns the printer printerName.

The return value should be checked using isNull() before being used, in case the named printer does not exist.

See also isNull().

QString QPrinterInfo::printerName() const

Returns the name of the printer.

This is a unique id to identify the printer and may not be human-readable.

See also QPrinterInfo::description() and QPrinter::setPrinterName().

QPrinter::PrinterState QPrinterInfo::state() const

Returns the current state of this printer.

This state may not always be accurate, depending on the platform, printer driver, or printer itself.

QList<QPrinter::ColorMode> QPrinterInfo::supportedColorModes() const

Returns the supported color modes of this printer.

QList<QPrinter::DuplexMode> QPrinterInfo::supportedDuplexModes() const

Returns a list of duplex modes supported by this printer.

QList<QPageSize> QPrinterInfo::supportedPageSizes() const

Returns a list of Page Sizes supported by this printer.

QList<int> QPrinterInfo::supportedResolutions() const

Returns a list of resolutions supported by this printer.

bool QPrinterInfo::supportsCustomPageSizes() const

Returns whether this printer supports custom page sizes.

QPrinterInfo &QPrinterInfo::operator=(const QPrinterInfo &other)

Sets the QPrinterInfo object to be equal to other.

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