PassManager Class

class QQmlSA::PassManager

Can analyze an element and its children with static analysis passes. More...

Header: #include <PassManager>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS QmlCompiler)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::QmlCompiler)
Status: Technical Preview

Public Functions

void analyze(const QQmlSA::Element &root)
std::unordered_map<quint32, QQmlSA::BindingInfo> bindingsByLocation() const
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<QQmlSA::ElementPass>> elementPasses() const
bool hasImportedModule(QAnyStringView module) const
bool isCategoryEnabled(QQmlSA::LoggerWarningId category) const
std::multimap<QString, QQmlSA::PropertyPassInfo> propertyPasses() const
void registerElementPass(std::unique_ptr<QQmlSA::ElementPass> pass)
bool registerPropertyPass(std::shared_ptr<QQmlSA::PropertyPass> pass, QAnyStringView moduleName, QAnyStringView typeName, QAnyStringView propertyName = QAnyStringView(), bool allowInheritance = true)

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

void PassManager::analyze(const QQmlSA::Element &root)

Runs the element passes over root and all its children.

std::unordered_map<quint32, QQmlSA::BindingInfo> PassManager::bindingsByLocation() const

Returns bindings by their source location.

std::vector<std::shared_ptr<QQmlSA::ElementPass>> PassManager::elementPasses() const

Returns the list of element passes.

bool PassManager::hasImportedModule(QAnyStringView module) const

Returns true if the module named module has been imported by the QML to be analyzed, false otherwise.

This can be used to skip registering a pass which is specific to a specific module.

if (passManager->hasImportedModule("QtPositioning"))

See also registerPropertyPass() and registerElementPass().

bool PassManager::isCategoryEnabled(QQmlSA::LoggerWarningId category) const

Returns true if warnings of category are enabled, false otherwise.

std::multimap<QString, QQmlSA::PropertyPassInfo> PassManager::propertyPasses() const

Returns the list of property passes.

void PassManager::registerElementPass(std::unique_ptr<QQmlSA::ElementPass> pass)

Registers a static analysis pass to be run on all elements.

bool PassManager::registerPropertyPass(std::shared_ptr<QQmlSA::PropertyPass> pass, QAnyStringView moduleName, QAnyStringView typeName, QAnyStringView propertyName = QAnyStringView(), bool allowInheritance = true)

Registers a static analysis pass for properties. The pass will be run on every property matching the moduleName, typeName and propertyName.

Omitting the propertyName will register this pass for all properties matching the typeName and moduleName.

Setting allowInheritance to true means that the filtering on the type also accepts types deriving from typeName.

pass is passed as a std::shared_ptr to allow reusing the same pass on multiple elements:

auto titleValiadorPass = std::make_shared<TitleValidatorPass>(manager);
                              "QtQuick", "Window", "title");
                              "QtQuick.Controls", "Dialog", "title");

Note: Running analysis passes on too many items can be expensive. This is why it is generally good to filter down the set of properties of a pass using the moduleName, typeName and propertyName.

Returns true if the pass was successfully added, false otherwise. Adding a pass fails when the Element specified by moduleName and typeName does not exist.

See also PropertyPass.

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