QRhiSampler Class

Sampler resource. More...

Header: #include <QRhiSampler>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Gui)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Gui)
qmake: QT += gui
Since: Qt 6.6
Inherits: QRhiResource

Public Types

enum AddressMode { Repeat, ClampToEdge, Mirror }
enum CompareOp { Never, Less, Equal, LessOrEqual, Greater, …, Always }
enum Filter { None, Nearest, Linear }

Public Functions

QRhiSampler::AddressMode addressU() const
QRhiSampler::AddressMode addressV() const
QRhiSampler::AddressMode addressW() const
QRhiSampler::Filter magFilter() const
QRhiSampler::Filter minFilter() const
QRhiSampler::Filter mipmapMode() const
void setAddressU(QRhiSampler::AddressMode mode)
void setAddressV(QRhiSampler::AddressMode mode)
void setAddressW(QRhiSampler::AddressMode mode)
void setMagFilter(QRhiSampler::Filter f)
void setMinFilter(QRhiSampler::Filter f)
void setMipmapMode(QRhiSampler::Filter f)
void setTextureCompareOp(QRhiSampler::CompareOp op)
QRhiSampler::CompareOp textureCompareOp() const

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QRhiResource::Type resourceType() const override

Detailed Description

Note: This is a RHI API with limited compatibility guarantees, see QRhi for details.

Member Type Documentation

enum QRhiSampler::AddressMode

Specifies the addressing mode


enum QRhiSampler::CompareOp

Specifies the texture comparison function.


enum QRhiSampler::Filter

Specifies the minification, magnification, or mipmap filtering

QRhiSampler::None0Applicable only for mipmapMode(), indicates no mipmaps to be used

Member Function Documentation

QRhiSampler::AddressMode QRhiSampler::addressU() const

Returns the horizontal wrap mode.

See also setAddressU().

QRhiSampler::AddressMode QRhiSampler::addressV() const

Returns the vertical wrap mode.

See also setAddressV().

QRhiSampler::AddressMode QRhiSampler::addressW() const

Returns the depth wrap mode.

See also setAddressW().

QRhiSampler::Filter QRhiSampler::magFilter() const

Returns the magnification filter mode.

See also setMagFilter().

QRhiSampler::Filter QRhiSampler::minFilter() const

Returns the minification filter mode.

See also setMinFilter().

QRhiSampler::Filter QRhiSampler::mipmapMode() const

Returns the mipmap filter mode.

See also setMipmapMode().

[override virtual] QRhiResource::Type QRhiSampler::resourceType() const

Reimplements: QRhiResource::resourceType() const.

Returns the resource type.

void QRhiSampler::setAddressU(QRhiSampler::AddressMode mode)

Sets the horizontal wrap mode.

See also addressU().

void QRhiSampler::setAddressV(QRhiSampler::AddressMode mode)

Sets the vertical wrap mode.

See also addressV().

void QRhiSampler::setAddressW(QRhiSampler::AddressMode mode)

Sets the depth wrap mode.

See also addressW().

void QRhiSampler::setMagFilter(QRhiSampler::Filter f)

Sets the magnification filter mode to f.

See also magFilter().

void QRhiSampler::setMinFilter(QRhiSampler::Filter f)

Sets the minification filter mode to f.

See also minFilter().

void QRhiSampler::setMipmapMode(QRhiSampler::Filter f)

Sets the mipmap filter mode to f.

Leave this set to None when the texture has no mip levels, or when the mip levels are not to be taken into account.

See also mipmapMode().

void QRhiSampler::setTextureCompareOp(QRhiSampler::CompareOp op)

Sets the texture comparison function op.

See also textureCompareOp().

QRhiSampler::CompareOp QRhiSampler::textureCompareOp() const

Returns the texture comparison function.

See also setTextureCompareOp().

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