QRhiTextureUploadEntry Class

Describes one layer (face for cubemaps, slice for 3D textures, element for texture arrays) in a texture upload operation. More...

Header: #include <QRhiTextureUploadEntry>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Gui)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Gui)
qmake: QT += gui
Since: Qt 6.6

Public Functions

QRhiTextureUploadEntry(int layer, int level, const QRhiTextureSubresourceUploadDescription &desc)
QRhiTextureSubresourceUploadDescription description() const
int layer() const
int level() const
void setDescription(const QRhiTextureSubresourceUploadDescription &desc)
void setLayer(int layer)
void setLevel(int level)

Detailed Description

Note: This is a RHI API with limited compatibility guarantees, see QRhi for details.

Member Function Documentation

[noexcept] QRhiTextureUploadEntry::QRhiTextureUploadEntry()

Constructs an empty QRhiTextureUploadEntry targeting layer 0 and level 0.

Note: an empty QRhiTextureUploadEntry should not be submitted without setting a QRhiTextureSubresourceUploadDescription via setDescription() first.

QRhiTextureUploadEntry::QRhiTextureUploadEntry(int layer, int level, const QRhiTextureSubresourceUploadDescription &desc)

Constructs a QRhiTextureUploadEntry targeting the given layer and mip level, with the subresource contents described by desc.

QRhiTextureSubresourceUploadDescription QRhiTextureUploadEntry::description() const

Returns the currently set subresource description.

See also setDescription().

int QRhiTextureUploadEntry::layer() const

Returns the currently set layer index (cubemap face, array layer). Defaults to 0.

See also setLayer().

int QRhiTextureUploadEntry::level() const

Returns the currently set mip level. Defaults to 0.

See also setLevel().

void QRhiTextureUploadEntry::setDescription(const QRhiTextureSubresourceUploadDescription &desc)

Sets the subresource description desc.

See also description().

void QRhiTextureUploadEntry::setLayer(int layer)

Sets the layer.

See also layer().

void QRhiTextureUploadEntry::setLevel(int level)

Sets the mip level.

See also level().

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