QSSGRenderExtensionHelpers Class

Class containing helper functions for the extensions. More...

Header: #include <QSSGRenderExtensionHelpers>
Since: Qt 6.7

Static Public Members

void registerRenderResult(const QSSGFrameData &frameData, QSSGExtensionId extension, QRhiTexture *texture)

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

[static] void QSSGRenderExtensionHelpers::registerRenderResult(const QSSGFrameData &frameData, QSSGExtensionId extension, QRhiTexture *texture)

Register a render result, in form of a texture, for this extension. Once a texture is registered, the extension can be uses as a {QtQuick3D::Texture::textureProvider}{texture provider} in QML.

Note: To ensure that the texture is available for renderables, for example to be used by a {QtQuick3D::Texture} item, textures should be registered during the QSSGRenderExtension::prepareData call of the extension.

Note: Calling this function with a new texture will any previously registered texture.

Note: A texture can be unregistered by registering a nullptr for this extension.


See also textureProvider.

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