QBackendNode Class

class Qt3DCore::QBackendNode

The base class for all Qt3D backend nodes. More...

Header: #include <Qt3DCore/QBackendNode>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS 3DCore)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::3DCore)
qmake: QT += 3dcore

Public Types

enum Mode { ReadOnly, ReadWrite }

Public Functions

bool isEnabled() const
Qt3DCore::QBackendNode::Mode mode() const
Qt3DCore::QNodeId peerId() const
void setEnabled(bool enabled)
virtual void syncFromFrontEnd(const Qt3DCore::QNode *frontEnd, bool firstTime)

Detailed Description

Member Type Documentation

enum QBackendNode::Mode

The mode for the backend node.


Member Function Documentation

[noexcept] bool QBackendNode::isEnabled() const

Returns true if the backend node is enabled.

[noexcept] Qt3DCore::QBackendNode::Mode QBackendNode::mode() const

Returns the mode of the backend mode.

[noexcept] Qt3DCore::QNodeId QBackendNode::peerId() const

Returns the peer id of the backend node.

[noexcept] void QBackendNode::setEnabled(bool enabled)

Enables or disables the backend node by enabled.

See also isEnabled().

[virtual] void QBackendNode::syncFromFrontEnd(const Qt3DCore::QNode *frontEnd, bool firstTime)

QBackendNode::syncFromFrontEnd frontEnd firstTime

This is called by the aspect when a frontEnd node needs to synchronize it's changes with the backend (normally due to property changes).

firstTime will be true if the backend node was just created

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