QOrbitCameraController Class

class Qt3DExtras::QOrbitCameraController

The QOrbitCameraController class allows controlling the scene camera along orbital path. More...

Header: #include <QOrbitCameraController>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS 3dextras)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::3dextras)
qmake: QT += 3dextras
Inherits: Qt3DExtras::QAbstractCameraController


Public Functions

bool inversePan() const
bool inverseTilt() const
bool inverseXTranslate() const
bool inverseYTranslate() const
QVector3D upVector() const
float zoomInLimit() const
bool zoomTranslateViewCenter() const

Public Slots

void setInversePan(bool isInverse)
void setInverseTilt(bool isInverse)
void setInverseXTranslate(bool isInverse)
void setInverseYTranslate(bool isInverse)
void setUpVector(const QVector3D &upVector)
void setZoomInLimit(float zoomInLimit)
void setZoomTranslateViewCenter(bool isTranslate)


void inversePanChanged(bool isInverse)
void inverseTiltChanged(bool isInverse)
void inverseXTranslateChanged(bool isInverse)
void inverseYTranslateChanged(bool isInverse)
void upVectorChanged(const QVector3D &upVector)
void zoomInLimitChanged()
void zoomTranslateViewCenterChanged(bool isTranslate)

Detailed Description

The controls are:

Left mouse buttonWhile the left mouse button is pressed, mouse movement along x-axis moves the camera left and right and movement along y-axis moves it up and down.
Right mouse buttonWhile the right mouse button is pressed, mouse movement along x-axis pans the camera around the camera view center and movement along y-axis tilts it around the camera view center.
Both left and right mouse buttonWhile both the left and the right mouse button are pressed, mouse movement along y-axis zooms the camera in and out without changing the view center.
Mouse scroll wheelZooms the camera in and out without changing the view center.
Arrow keysMove the camera vertically and horizontally relative to camera viewport.
Page up and page down keysMove the camera forwards and backwards.
Shift keyChanges the behavior of the up and down arrow keys to zoom the camera in and out without changing the view center. The other movement keys are disabled.
Alt keyChanges the behovior of the arrow keys to pan and tilt the camera around the view center. Disables the page up and page down keys.
EscapeMoves the camera so that entire scene is visible in the camera viewport.

Property Documentation

zoomInLimit : float

Holds the current zoom-in limit. The zoom-in limit determines how close to the view center the camera can be zoomed.

Access functions:

float zoomInLimit() const
void setZoomInLimit(float zoomInLimit)

Notifier signal:

void zoomInLimitChanged()

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