QTouch3DInputHandler Class

Basic touch display based input handler. More...

Header: #include <QTouch3DInputHandler>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Graphs)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Graphs)
qmake: QT += graphs
Instantiated By: TouchInputHandler3D
Inherits: Q3DInputHandler
Status: Technical Preview

Public Functions

QTouch3DInputHandler(QObject *parent = nullptr)
virtual ~QTouch3DInputHandler()

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual void touchEvent(QTouchEvent *event) override

Detailed Description

QTouch3DInputHandler is the basic input handler for touch screen devices.

Default touch input handler has the following functionalty:

Touch-And-MoveRotate graph within limits
TapSelect the item tapped or remove selection if none. May open the secondary view depending on the selection mode.
Tap-And-HoldSame as tap.
PinchZoom in/out within the allowable zoom range.
Tap on the primary view when the secondary view is visibleCloses the secondary view.

Note: Secondary view is available only for Q3DBars and Q3DSurface graphs.

Rotation, zoom, and selection can each be individually disabled using corresponding Q3DInputHandler properties.

Member Function Documentation

[explicit] QTouch3DInputHandler::QTouch3DInputHandler(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs the basic touch display input handler. An optional parent parameter can be given and is then passed to QObject constructor.

[virtual noexcept] QTouch3DInputHandler::~QTouch3DInputHandler()

Destroys the input handler.

[override virtual] void QTouch3DInputHandler::touchEvent(QTouchEvent *event)

Reimplements: QAbstract3DInputHandler::touchEvent(QTouchEvent *event).

Override this to change handling of touch events. Touch event is given in the event.

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