QWebEngineGlobalSettings Namespace

The QWebEngineGlobalSettings namespace holds global settings of the web engine. More...

Header: #include <QWebEngineGlobalSettings>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS WebEngineCore)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::WebEngineCore)
qmake: QT += webenginecore
Since: Qt 6.6


(since 6.6) struct DnsMode


enum class SecureDnsMode { SystemOnly, SecureWithFallback, SecureOnly }


bool setDnsMode(QWebEngineGlobalSettings::DnsMode dnsMode)

Detailed Description

The QWebEngineGlobalSettings namespace holds global properties of the web engine.

Invoke setDnsMode() to configure DNS-over-HTTPS.

See also QWebEngineGlobalSettings::setDnsMode().


class DnsMode

The DnsMode struct provides means to specify the DNS host resolution mode. More...

Type Documentation

enum class QWebEngineGlobalSettings::SecureDnsMode

This enum sets the DNS-over-HTTPS mode used by the DnsMode structure:

QWebEngineGlobalSettings::SecureDnsMode::SystemOnly0This is the default. Use the system DNS host resolution.
QWebEngineGlobalSettings::SecureDnsMode::SecureWithFallback1Enable DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH). DoH servers have to be provided through serverTemplates in the DnsMode structure. If a host cannot be resolved via the provided servers, the system DNS host resolution is used.
QWebEngineGlobalSettings::SecureDnsMode::SecureOnly2Enable DNS-over-HTTPS and only allow hosts to be resolved this way. DoH servers have to be provided through serverTemplates in the DnsMode structure. If the DNS-over-HTTPS resolution fails, there is no fallback and the DNS host resolution fails completely.

Function Documentation

bool QWebEngineGlobalSettings::setDnsMode(QWebEngineGlobalSettings::DnsMode dnsMode)

Sets dnsMode for DNS-over-HTTPS host resolution.

This function returns false if the serverTemplates list in the DnsMode structure is empty or contains URI templates that cannot be parsed for SecureDnsMode::SecureOnly or SecureDnsMode::SecureWithFallback. Otherwise, it returns true meaning that the DNS mode change is triggered.

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