Naming Things

In general, a title command considers everything that follows it until the first line break as its argument. If the title is so long it must span multiple lines, end each line (except the last one) with a backslash.



The \title command sets the title for a documentation page, or allows you to override it.

    \page signalandslots.html

    \title Signals & Slots

    Signals and slots are used for communication between
    objects. The signals and slots mechanism is a central
    feature of Qt, and probably the part that differs most
    from the features provided by other frameworks.


See also \subtitle.


The \subtitle command sets a subtitle for a documentation page.

    \page qtopiacore-overview.html

    \title Qtopia Core
    \subtitle Qt for Embedded Linux

    Qt/Embedded, the embedded Linux port of Qt, is a
    complete and self-contained C++ GUI and platform
    development tool for Linux-based embedded development.

See also \title.

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