QFormDataBuilder Class

The QFormDataBuilder class is a convenience class to simplify the construction of QHttpMultiPart objects. More...

Header: #include <QFormDataBuilder>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Network)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Network)
qmake: QT += network
Since: Qt 6.8

Public Functions

QFormDataBuilder(QFormDataBuilder &&other)
std::unique_ptr<QHttpMultiPart> buildMultiPart()
QFormDataPartBuilder part(QAnyStringView name)
QFormDataBuilder &operator=(QFormDataBuilder &&other)

Detailed Description

The QFormDataBuilder class can be used to build a QHttpMultiPart object with the content type set to be FormDataType by default.

The snippet below demonstrates how to build a multipart message with QFormDataBuilder:

QFormDataBuilder builder;
QFile image(u"../../pic.png"_s); image.open(QFile::ReadOnly);
QFile mask(u"../../mask.png"_s); mask.open(QFile::ReadOnly);

builder.part("image"_L1).setBodyDevice(&image, "the actual image");
builder.part("mask"_L1).setBodyDevice(&mask, "the mask image");
builder.part("prompt"_L1).setBody("Lobster wearing a beret");

std::unique_ptr<QHttpMultiPart> mp = builder.buildMultiPart();

See also QHttpPart, QHttpMultiPart, and QFormDataPartBuilder.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs an empty QFormDataBuilder object.

[noexcept] QFormDataBuilder::QFormDataBuilder(QFormDataBuilder &&other)

Move-constructs a QFormDataBuilder instance, making it point at the same object that other was pointing to.

[noexcept] QFormDataBuilder::~QFormDataBuilder()

Destroys the QFormDataBuilder object.

std::unique_ptr<QHttpMultiPart> QFormDataBuilder::buildMultiPart()

Constructs and returns a pointer to a QHttpMultipart object.

See also QHttpMultiPart.

QFormDataPartBuilder QFormDataBuilder::part(QAnyStringView name)

Returns a newly-constructed QFormDataPartBuilder object using name as the form-data's name parameter. The object is valid for as long as the associated QFormDataBuilder has not been destroyed.

Limiting name characters to US-ASCII is strongly recommended for interoperability reasons.

See also QFormDataPartBuilder and QHttpPart.

[noexcept] QFormDataBuilder &QFormDataBuilder::operator=(QFormDataBuilder &&other)

Move-assigns other to this QFormDataBuilder instance.

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