QGrpcOperation Class

The QGrpcOperation class implements common logic to handle the gRPC communication from the client side. More...

Header: #include <QGrpcOperation>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Grpc)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Grpc)
Since: Qt 6.5
Inherits: QObject
Inherited By:

QGrpcBidirStream, QGrpcCallReply, QGrpcClientStream, and QGrpcServerStream

Status: Technical Preview

Public Functions

void cancel()
(since 6.8) QAbstractProtobufSerializer::DeserializationError deserializationError() const
(since 6.8) QString deserializationErrorString() const
bool isFinished() const
const QGrpcMetadata &metadata() const
QLatin1StringView method() const
std::optional<T> read() const
(since 6.8) bool read(QProtobufMessage *message) const


void errorOccurred(const QGrpcStatus &status)
void finished()

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

void QGrpcOperation::cancel()

Attempts to cancel the operation in a channel and immediately emits QGrpcOperation::errorOccurred with the QGrpcStatus::Cancelled status code.

Any manipulation of the operation after this call has no effect.

[since 6.8] QAbstractProtobufSerializer::DeserializationError QGrpcOperation::deserializationError() const

Returns the last deserialization error.

This function was introduced in Qt 6.8.

See also QAbstractProtobufSerializer::deserializationError.

[since 6.8] QString QGrpcOperation::deserializationErrorString() const

Returns the last deserialization error string.

This function was introduced in Qt 6.8.

See also QAbstractProtobufSerializer::deserializationErrorString.

[signal] void QGrpcOperation::errorOccurred(const QGrpcStatus &status)

This signal is emitted when an error with status occurs in the channel.

See also QGrpcClientBase::errorOccurred.

[signal] void QGrpcOperation::finished()

This signal indicates the end of communication for this call.

If this signal is emitted by the stream then this stream is successfully closed either by client or server.

[noexcept] bool QGrpcOperation::isFinished() const

Returns true when QGrpcOperation finished its workflow, meaning it was finished, canceled, or error occurred, otherwise returns false.

[noexcept] const QGrpcMetadata &QGrpcOperation::metadata() const

Getter of the metadata received from the channel. For the HTTP2 channels it usually contains the HTTP headers received from the server.

[noexcept] QLatin1StringView QGrpcOperation::method() const

Getter of the method that this operation was initialized with.

template <typename T> std::optional<T> QGrpcOperation::read() const

Reads a message from a raw byte array stored within this QGrpcOperation instance.

Returns an optional deserialized message. On failure, std::nullopt is returned.

The error can be retrieved using deserializationError.

See also read, deserializationError, and deserializationErrorString.

[since 6.8] bool QGrpcOperation::read(QProtobufMessage *message) const

Reads a message from a raw byte array which is stored within this QGrpcOperation instance.

The function writes the deserialized value to the message pointer.

If the deserialization is successful, this function returns true. Otherwise, it returns false, and the error can be retrieved with deserializationError.

This function was introduced in Qt 6.8.

See also read, deserializationError, and deserializationErrorString.

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