contactDetail QML Value Type

The contactDetail type holds a contact detail such as a phone number or a website address. More...

Import Statement: import QtLocation 6.9
Since: QtLocation 5.5


Detailed Description

The contactDetail provides a single detail on how one could contact a Place. The contactDetail consists of a label, which is a localized string describing the contact method, and a value representing the actual contact detail.


The following example demonstrates how to assign a single phone number to a place in JavaScript:

function writeSingle() {
    var phoneNumber = Qt.createQmlObject('import QtLocation; ContactDetail {}', place);
    phoneNumber.label = "Phone";
    phoneNumber.value = "555-5555" = phoneNumber;

The following demonstrates how to assign multiple phone numbers to a place in JavaScript:

function writeMultiple() {
    var bob = Qt.createQmlObject('import QtLocation; ContactDetail {}', place);
    bob.label = "Bob";
    bob.value = "555-5555"

    var alice = Qt.createQmlObject('import QtLocation; ContactDetail {}', place);
    alice.label = "Alice";
    alice.value = "555-8745"

    var numbers = new Array();
    numbers.push(alice); = numbers;

Note, due to limitations of the QQmlPropertyMap, it is not possible to declaratively specify the contact details in QML, it can only be accomplished via JavaScript.

Property Documentation

label : string

This property holds a label describing the contact detail.

The label can potentially be localized. The language is dependent on the entity that sets it, typically this is the Plugin. The Plugin::locales property defines what language is used.

value : string

This property holds the value of the contact detail which may be a phone number, an email address, a website url and so on.

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