ColorGradient QML Type

Defines a color gradient. More...

Import Statement: import QtDataVisualization 1.9
Since: QtDataVisualization 1.0


  • stops : list<ColorGradientStop>

Detailed Description

A gradient is defined by two or more colors, which will be blended seamlessly.

The colors are specified as a set of ColorGradientStop child items, each of which defines a position on the gradient from 0.0 to 1.0 and a color. The position of each ColorGradientStop is defined by setting its position property; its color is defined using its color property.

A gradient without any gradient stops falls back to QLinearGradient default, which is black at 0.0 and white at 1.0.

See also ColorGradientStop.

Property Documentation

stops : list<ColorGradientStop> [default]

This property holds the gradient stops describing the gradient.

By default, this property contains an empty list.

To set the gradient stops, define them as children of the ColorGradient.

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