MapCopyrightNotice QML Type

The MapCopyrightNotice item displays the current valid copyright notice for a Map element. More...

Import Statement: import QtLocation 6.9
Since: QtLocation 5.9


Detailed Description

This object can be used to place an additional copyright notices programmatically.

Note that declaring a MapCopyrightNotice inside a QtLocation::Map element is not possible, like for any other QQuickItem.

The release of this API with Qt 5.9 is a Technology Preview.

Property Documentation

mapSource : Map

This property holds the current map source providing the copyright data shown in this notice. In order to let the MapCopyrightNotice display a copyright, this property must be set, as it is the only data source for this element.

styleSheet : string

This property holds the current css2.1 style sheet used to style the copyright notice, if in HTML form.


MapCopyrightNotice {
    mapSource: myMap
    styleSheet: "body { color : green; font-family: \"Lucida\"; font-size: 8px} a{ font-size: 8px; color:#A62900}"

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