MapRoute QML Type

The MapRoute type displays a Route on a Map. More...

Import Statement: import QtLocation 6.9
Since: QtLocation 5.0


Detailed Description

The MapRoute type displays a Route obtained through a RouteModel or other means, on the Map as a Polyline following the path of the Route.

MapRoute is really a MapPolyline, but with the path specified using the route property instead of directly in coordinates.

By default, the route is displayed as a 1-pixel thick black line. This can be changed using the line.width and line.color properties.

Example Usage

Here is how to draw a route on a map:

import QtQuick
import QtPositioning
import QtLocation

Map {
    RouteModel {
        id: routeModel

    MapItemView {
        model: routeModel
        delegate: routeDelegate

    Component {
        id: routeDelegate

        MapRoute {
            route: routeData
            line.color: "blue"
            line.width: 5
            smooth: true
            opacity: 0.8

Property Documentation

line group

line.color : color

line.width : int

This property is part of the line property group. The line property group holds the width and color used to draw the line.

The width is in pixels and is independent of the zoom level of the map. The default values correspond to a black border with a width of 1 pixel.

For no line, use a width of 0 or a transparent color.

route : Route

This property holds the route to be drawn which can be used to represent one geographical route.

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