sslKey QML Type

The sslKey class provides the interface for private and public keys. More...

Import Statement: import QtNetwork
Since: Qt 6.7


Detailed Description

The sslKey provides an API for managing keys. The QML sslKey class is Q_GADGET based, it generates QSslKey object based on it's QML properties.

See also QSslKey.

Property Documentation

keyAlgorithm : enumeration

Holds KeyAlgorithm enumeration value.

See also QSsl::KeyAlgorithm.

keyFile : string

Holds the path to the *.pem key file.

keyFormat : enumeration

Holds EncodingFormat enumeration value.

See also QSsl::EncodingFormat.

keyPassPhrase : bytearray

Holds the value to be used to decrypt QSslKey.

See also QSslKey.

keyType : enumeration

Holds KeyType enumeration value.

See also QSsl::KeyType.

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