ReadResult QML Type

Contains result data after reading from the server. More...

Import Statement: import QtOpcUa
Since: QtOpcUa 5.13


Detailed Description

This type is used to pass the read data after reading from the server using the function Connection::readNodeAttributes.

Property Documentation

attribute : Constants.NodeAttribute [read-only]

The node attribute of data that was read.

indexRange : string [read-only]

The index range of the data that was read.

namespaceName : string [read-only]

The namespace name of the node that was read.

nodeId : string [read-only]

The node id of the node that was read.

serverTimestamp : datetime [read-only]

The server timestamp of the data that was read.

sourceTimestamp : datetime [read-only]

The source timestamp of the data that was read.

status : Status [read-only]

Result status of this ReadResult. Before using any value of this ReadResult, the status should be checked for Status.isGood. To make sure the server has provided valid data.

value : variant [read-only]

Actual data that was requested to be read.

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