HandwritingInputPanel QML Type

Provides a handwriting panel add-on for the virtual keyboard UI. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard
Since: QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard 2.0



Detailed Description

The HandwritingInputPanel is an add-on component for the InputPanel, which enables full-screen handwriting input for the application.

HandwritingInputPanel is designed to be anchored full screen alongside the InputPanel. The operating principle is that when the handwriting panel is "available", the InputPanel is invisible. This functionality is built-in, and requires no more than a reference to the InputPanel instance.

The panel is set into operation by setting the available property to true. When the panel is in operation, the keyboard remains hidden when the input focus is set. When available is true, handwriting input is activated by setting the active property to true.

The user interface, which provides controls for handwriting mode and the visibility of the keyboard, is application-specific. One suggested implementation is to use a floating button on the handwriting panel, where single click toggles the handwriting mode (changes the active property), and double-click toggles the visibility of the keyboard (changes the available property).

HandwritingInputPanel also provides a word candidate popup which allows the user to select an alternative word candidate from the list of suggestions generated by the handwriting input method.

Property Documentation

active : bool

This property controls the active status of the handwriting input method.

Setting the property to true activates the handwriting input method. When the handwriting input method is active, all touch input is captured by the handwriting input panel and redirected to input engine for processing.

available : bool

This property controls the availability status of the handwriting input method.

Setting the property to true prepares the handwriting input method and inhibits the display of keyboard.

inputPanel : var

A reference to the input panel instance.

This property must be set to the existing input panel instance.

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