RuntimeLoader QML Type

Imports a 3D asset at runtime. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.AssetUtils
Since: Qt 6.2



Detailed Description

The RuntimeLoader type provides a way to load a 3D asset directly from source at runtime, without converting it to QtQuick3D's internal format first.

RuntimeLoader supports .obj and glTF version 2.0 files in both in text (.gltf) and binary (.glb) formats.

Property Documentation

bounds : Bounds [read-only]

This property describes the extents of the bounding volume around the imported model.

Note: The value may not be available before the first render

errorString : string [read-only]

This property holds a human-readable string indicating the status of the latest load operation.

instancing : Instancing

If this property is set, the imported model will not be rendered normally. Instead, a number of instances will be rendered, as defined by the instance table.

See the Instanced Rendering overview documentation for more information.

source : url

This property holds the location of the source file containing the 3D asset. Changing this property will unload the current asset and attempt to load an asset from the given URL.

The success or failure of the load operation is indicated by status.

status : enumeration [read-only]

This property holds the status of the latest load operation.

RuntimeLoader.EmptyNo URL was specified.
RuntimeLoader.SuccessThe load operation was successful.
RuntimeLoader.ErrorThe load operation failed. A human-readable error message is provided by errorString.

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