Material QML Type

Abstract base type providing functionality common to materials. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D .


Inherited By:

CustomMaterial, DefaultMaterial, and PrincipledMaterial


Detailed Description

Property Documentation

cullMode : enumeration

This property defines whether primitive culling is enabled, and, when enabled, which primitives are discarded.

The default value is Material.BackFaceCulling.

A triangle is considered front-facing if it has a counter-clockwise winding, meaning its vertices in framebuffer coordinates are in counter-clockwise order.

Material.BackFaceCullingBack-facing triangles are discarded.
Material.FrontFaceCullingFront-facing triangles are discarded.
Material.NoCullingNo triangles are discarded.

lightProbe : Texture

This property defines a Texture for overriding or setting an image based lighting Texture for use with this material only.

Note: Setting a light probe on the material will override the scene's light probe for models using this material.

See also SceneEnvironment::lightProbe.

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