TextureInput QML Type

Specifies a texture exposed to the shaders of a CustomMaterial or Effect. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D


Detailed Description

This is a type which can be used for exposing a Texture to a shader, either in the render pass of an Effect, or in a CustomMaterial. It exists primarily to assign a local name to the Texture that can be referenced from shaders.

When a TextureInput property is declared in an Effect or a CustomMaterial, it will automatically be available as a sampler in all shaders by its property name.

Property Documentation

enabled : bool

The property determines if this TextureInput is enabled. The default value is true. When disabled, the shaders of the effect sample a dummy, opaque black texture instead of the one specified by texture.

texture : Texture

The texture for which this TextureInput serves as an indirection.

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