XrRuntimeInfo QML Type

Displays information about the XR runtime. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Xr
Since: Qt 6.8


Status: Technical Preview


Detailed Description

This type provides information about the XR runtime, including enabled extensions, runtime name, version, graphics API name, and whether multi-view rendering is supported.

Note: This type is automatically created by a XrView and it can not be manually created.

Property Documentation

enabledExtensions : QStringList

A list of enabled XR extensions.

This property holds a QStringList containing the names of the XR extensions that are currently enabled for the runtime.

Note: This list may vary depending on the runtime implementation and can be empty.

graphicsApiName : QString

The name of the graphics API used by the XR runtime. This property specifies the name of the graphics API (for example, "Vulkan") that the XR runtime is utilizing.

runtimeName : QString

The name of the XR runtime.

This property provides the human-readable name of the XR runtime being used.

runtimeVersion : QString

The version of the XR runtime.

This property returns the version string of the XR runtime (for example, "1.0.0").

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