WaylandView QML Type

Represents a view of a surface on an output. More...

Import Statement: import QtWayland.Compositor
In C++: QWaylandView


Detailed Description

The WaylandView corresponds to the presentation of a surface on a specific output, managing the buffers that contain the contents to be rendered. You can have several views into the same surface.

Property Documentation

allowDiscardFrontBuffer : bool

By default, the view locks the current buffer until advance() is called. Set this property to true to allow Qt to release the buffer when the primary view is no longer using it.

This can be used to avoid the situation where a secondary view that updates on a lower frequency will throttle the frame rate of the client application.

bufferLocked : bool

This property holds whether the view's buffer is currently locked. When the buffer is locked, advance() will not advance to the next buffer and returns false.

The default is false.

output : WaylandOutput

This property holds the output on which this view displays its surface.

surface : WaylandSurface

This property holds the surface viewed by this WaylandView.

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