XdgDecorationManagerV1 QML Type

Provides an extension for negotiation of server-side and client-side window decorations. More...

Import Statement: import QtWayland.Compositor.XdgShell
In C++: QWaylandXdgDecorationManagerV1


Detailed Description

The XdgDecorationManagerV1 extension provides a way for a compositor to announce support for server-side window decorations, and for xdg-shell clients to communicate whether they prefer client-side or server-side decorations.

XdgDecorationManagerV1 corresponds to the Wayland interface, zxdg_decoration_manager_v1.

To provide the functionality of the extension in a compositor, create an instance of the XdgDecorationManagerV1 component and add it to the list of extensions supported by the compositor:

import QtWayland.Compositor

WaylandCompositor {
    // Xdg decoration manager assumes xdg-shell is being used
    XdgShell {
        onToplevelCreated: // ...
    XdgDecorationManagerV1 {
        // Provide a hint to clients that support the extension they should use server-side
        // decorations.
        preferredMode: XdgToplevel.ServerSideDecoration

See also QWaylandXdgToplevel::decorationMode and Server Side Decoration Compositor.

Property Documentation

preferredMode : string

This property holds the decoration mode the compositor prefers.

This is the mode used for clients that don't indicate a preference for server-side or client-side decorations.

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