NativeTexture Struct

struct QRhiTexture::NativeTexture

Contains information about the underlying native resources of a texture. More...

Public Variables

int layout
quint64 object

Detailed Description

Member Variable Documentation

int NativeTexture::layout

Specifies the current image layout for APIs like Vulkan.

For Vulkan, layout contains a VkImageLayout value.

quint64 NativeTexture::object

64-bit integer containing the native object handle.

With OpenGL, the native handle is a GLuint value, so object can then be cast to a GLuint. With Vulkan, the native handle is a VkImage, so object can be cast to a VkImage. With Direct3D 11 and Metal object contains a ID3D11Texture2D or MTLTexture pointer, respectively. With Direct3D 12 object contains a ID3D12Resource pointer.

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