Media Player

Playing audio and video using Qt Quick.

This example demonstrates a simple multimedia player that can play audio and video files using various codecs.

Running the Example

To run the example from Qt Creator, open the Welcome mode and select the example from Examples. For more information, visit Building and Running an Example.

Project structure

This applications architecture is comprised of three custom QML modules:

  • MediaControl
  • MediaPlayer
  • Config

This is also reflected in the top-level CMakeLists.txt file:


target_link_libraries(MediaPlayerApp PRIVATE

Each QML module is created using the qt_add_qml_module macro, for example see how the Config module is created.

qt_add_library(Config STATIC)


    URI "Config"

Qt Quick application

At its core this is a QML application, see Getting Started Programming with Qt Quick for information specific to that. This documentation is focused on how this example utilizes the Qt Multimedia QML Types.

The custom Config QML module

This type controls themes and layouts for an application, depending on the target operating system.

First we declare it a singleton, as we only need it to be instantiated once and creating copies would be a waste of resources.

To do that we add the following at the top of Config.qml

pragma Singleton

We then create a qmldir file in the Config directory named qmldir that contains the following:

module Config
singleton Config 1.0 Config.qml

Now to use it in our application, see how it is referenced in MediaPlayer's Main.qml file:

    color: Config.mainColor

The custom MediaControls QML module

This module holds all the types used to define the application's controls including:

  • AudioControl.qml
  • ControlImages.qml
  • CustomButton.qml
  • CustomRadioButton.qml
  • CustomSlider.qml
  • PlaybackControl.qml
  • PlaybackRateControl.qml
  • PlaybackSeekControl.qml

See each specific type's definition file for detail on how these controls are implemented. They are an evolution of the controls in the QML Media Player Example.

The custom MediaPlayer QML module

This module has the Main.qml file which declares where most of the top level types for the application are used, and crucially where the Qt Multimedia MediaPlayer and VideoOutput QML types are declared.

    MediaPlayer {
        id: mediaPlayer

        playbackRate: playbackControl.playbackRate
        videoOutput: videoOutput
        audioOutput: AudioOutput {
            id: audio
            volume: playbackControl.volume
        source: new URL("")

        function updateMetadata() {

        onMetaDataChanged: updateMetadata()
        onActiveTracksChanged: updateMetadata()
        onErrorOccurred: {
            errorPopup.errorMsg = mediaPlayer.errorString
        onTracksChanged: {
            settingsInfo.tracksInfo.selectedAudioTrack = mediaPlayer.activeAudioTrack
            settingsInfo.tracksInfo.selectedVideoTrack = mediaPlayer.activeVideoTrack
            settingsInfo.tracksInfo.selectedSubtitleTrack = mediaPlayer.activeSubtitleTrack

        onMediaStatusChanged: {
            if ((MediaPlayer.EndOfMedia === mediaStatus && mediaPlayer.loops !== MediaPlayer.Infinite) &&
                    ((root.currentFile < playlistInfo.mediaCount - 1) || playlistInfo.isShuffled)) {
                if (!playlistInfo.isShuffled) {
            } else if (MediaPlayer.EndOfMedia === mediaStatus && root.playlistLooped && playlistInfo.mediaCount) {
                root.currentFile = 0

    VideoOutput {
        id: videoOutput fullScreen || Config.isMobileTarget ? : menuBar.bottom
        anchors.bottom: fullScreen ? parent.bottom :
        anchors.left: parent.left
        anchors.right: parent.right
        anchors.leftMargin: fullScreen ? 0 : 20
        anchors.rightMargin: fullScreen ? 0 : 20
        visible: mediaPlayer.hasVideo

        property bool fullScreen: false

        TapHandler {
            onDoubleTapped: {
                if (parent.fullScreen) {
                } else {
                parent.fullScreen = !parent.fullScreen
            onTapped: {

The module contains the other customs types used for retrieving and displaying file information, as well as calling the file picker.

  • ErrorPopup.qml
  • Images.qml
  • MetadataInfo.qml
  • PlayerMenuBar.qml
  • PlaylistInfo.qml
  • SettingsInfo.qml
  • ThemeInfo.qml
  • TouchMenu.qml
  • TracksInfo.qml
  • TracksOptions.qml
  • UrlPopup.qml

See each specific type's definition file for detail on how types are implemented. Some are an evolution of those found in QML Media Player Example.

New functionality

This example application has some new functionality implemented by types, such as PlaylistInfo and ThemeInfo. See the respective .qml files for detail on how these are implemented.

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