Rename symbols

You can rename symbols in all files in a project.

When you rename a class, you can also change filenames that match the class name.

To rename a C++ symbol in a project:

  1. Place the cursor on the symbol in the editor.
  2. Go to Tools > C++ > Rename Symbol Under Cursor, or press Ctrl+Shift+R.

    Use the keyboard shortcut to rename Python symbols.

To rename a QML type in a project, go to Tools > QML/JS > Rename Symbol Under Cursor or press Ctrl+Shift+R.

Search Results shows the location and number of instances of the symbol in the current project.

To replace all selected instances, enter the name of the new symbol in Replace with, and select Replace. To omit an instance, clear the check box next to the instance.

Note: This action replaces all selected instances of the symbol in all files listed in Search Results. You cannot undo this action.

If the symbol is a class, select Rename files to also change the filenames that match the class name.

Note: Renaming local symbols does not open Search Results. The instances of the symbol are highlighted in code, and you can edit the symbol. All instances of the local symbol are changed as you type.

See also Find symbols, Specify settings for quick fixes, Quick Fixes, C++ Quick Fixes, Apply quick fixes, and QML Quick Fixes.

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