Add kits

Qt Creator groups settings used for building and running projects as kits to make cross-platform and cross-configuration development easier. Each kit consists of a set of values that define one environment, such as a device, compiler, Qt version, and debugger command to use, and some metadata, such as an icon and a name for the kit. Once you have defined kits, you can select them to build and run projects.

You can add kits for the desktop and for the following types of devices:

To add kits:

  1. Select Preferences > Kits.
  2. Select Add to start from an empty kit or Clone to clone the selected kit and edit its preferences.

  3. Set kit preferences according to the build system and device type.
  4. Select OK to create the kit.

Set the default kit

Qt Creator uses the default kit if it does not have enough information to choose the kit to use. To set the selected kit as the default kit, select Make Default.

See also Activate kits for a project, Add debuggers, Add Qt versions, Open projects, Compilers, and Kits.

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