Viewing Disassembled Code

A disassembler translates machine language into assembly language for human-readability.

The Disassembler view displays disassembled code for the current function. It is useful for low-level commands for checking single instructions, such as Step Into and Step Over.

{Disassembler view}

By default, GDB shows AT&T style disassembly. To switch to the Intel style, go to Preferences > Debugger > GDB > Use Intel style disassembly.

To open the Disassembler view:

  • Go to Debug > Operate by Instruction while the debugger is running.
  • Select the (Operate by Instruction) tool button on the debugger toolbar.
  • In the Registers view, select a value, and then select Open Disassembler at <value> in the context menu.

Starting Disassembler

To start a disassembler from the Registers view, select Open Disassembler and set the disassembler address:

{Select Start Address dialog}

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