Squish uses compare, verify, and exception functions to record the results of tests applied to a running application under test (AUT) in the test log as passes or fails. In addition, any kind of test results can be recorded in the test log.

To view the test log, go to the Squish output, Test Results tab.

{Test Results output}

The Result column displays the time when each test run started and finished, log information and warnings, and test result status:

  • Pass - The test passed.
  • Fail - The test failed.
  • ExpectedFail - The test failed, as expected. For example, a known bug in the AUT caused a comparison or verification to fail.
  • UnexpectedPass - The test passed unexpectedly. For example, a comparison or verification succeeded even though it was expected to fail.

The Message column displays log messages and information about the type of the operation that was performed: comparison, verification, or exception.

View Squish runner and server logs

To view the Squish Runner and Server logs, go to the Squish output, Runner/Server Log tab.

{Runner and Server Log output}

See also Connect to Squish Server, Create Squish test suites, Enable and disable plugins, Manage Squish test suites and cases, Select Squish AUTs, and View output.

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