Python Run Settings

Specify settings for running applications on the Run device that you select for a kit in Projects > Build & Run > Run > Run Settings.

{Python run settings}

The following table summarizes the settings for running Qt for Python applications.

PythonPath to the Python executable.
Buffered outputStores the output in a buffer. This improves output performance, but causes delays in output.
ScriptShows the path to the main file of the project that will be run.
Command line argumentsCommand-line arguments to pass to the executable.

Custom Executable Run Configuration

To run some other Python file than, create a custom executable run configuration:

{Python custom executable run configuration}

  1. Select Add > Custom Executable.
  2. In the Executable field, specify the path to the Python executable.
  3. In the Command line arguments field, select the Python file to run.

See also Activate kits for a project, Configure projects for running, Create Qt for Python applications, and Develop Qt for Python applications.

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